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Safety Cove

Safety Cove, Boondelbah Island

In a strong North Easterly wind, the Southern side of Boondlebah Island has traditionally been the place to shelter.  Safety Cove is a large rock lined bay providing a good calm anchorage. A steep wall provides a drop off on the Western side while the Eastern holds a rugged slope. At the apex is a large crack for snorkelers to explore.

On the western wall small soft sponges with colorful Nudi branchs can be spotted by the observant. Hinge-backed Shrimp and Rock Lobsters hide in the crevices and Blue Gropers linger hoping for a feed. Further along there are Eels and a larger variety of Cod. Huge boulders on the South Western edge provide a haven for Squirrel Fish and other cave dwellers.  Giant Cuttle Fish warn to keep a safe distance here.  There are large schools of Black Tipped Bulls Eye which are a visual delight . There is also large swim throughs for the more adventurous with  a great Queensland Cod known to be a local resident.


Slip down the anchor into approximately 14 meters of water.  Head west along the rocky bottom until you reach the wall. Heading in a southerly direction keep an eye for macro creatures. At about 18 meters you start to find boulders, some as big as a car. These are stacked on top of each other creating hidey holes and swim throughs. As you round the corner and head west it drops further to 25 meters. Alternatively you can head south from the point about 50 meters to a bommie that lays in 30 meters of water. This is covered in soft sponges. To return to the anchor line, just retrace your tracks!