Tec 100 CCR Instructor

Extend diving adventures down to 100 metres

The Tec 100 CCR Instructor course with Let's Go Adventures

Who should take this course?

Planning technical (tec) dives down to 100 metres/330 feet using a Type T CCR is a complex process that you need to not only master, but be able to explain to others when you become a Tec 100 CCR Instructor. Just qualifying to take the Tec 100 CCR Instructor course is a big accomplishment. Earning the Tec 100 CCR Instructor rating places you among an elite group of dive professionals who enjoy extreme adventures and can teach others to reach new depths.

To enroll in a Tec 100 CCR Instructor course, you must:

  • Be a Tec 60 CCR Instructor on the specific Type T CCR to be used in the course
  • Be a Tec 100 CCR Diver on the specific Type T CCR to be used in the course
  • Have a minimum of 350 logged dives, with at least 200 dives and 200 hours on Type T CCRs, with at least 120 dives and 120 hours on the specific Type T CCR to be used in the course, of which 50 dives must be using trimix/heliox deeper than 40 metres/130 feet, and 25 must be trimix/heliox CCR dives deeper than 60 metres/200 feet.
  • Have taught at least one complete Tec 60 CCR Diver course and issued at least one Tec 60 CCR Diver certification
  • Have a Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months
  • Meet any additional manufacturer requirements

What will you learn?

Along with learning how to guide divers through meticulous dive planning and execution of 100 metre/300 foot dives, you’ll fine-tune your ability to configure and use four different offboard bailout systems and practice different emergency scenarios at depth. During workshops, confined water sessions, open water dives and practice teaching segments, yo will demonstrate that you have role model attitude, knowledge, practical ability and tec CCR skills.

Next Step

Become a Tec 100 CCR Instructor:

  • Enroll in a Tec 100 CCR Instructor course at Let's Go Adventures
  • Visit the PADI TecRec Blog.
  • Browse the PADI Course Catalog.