Lets Go Adventures
Snorkelling & Diving Nelson Bay for over 30 years

Lets Go Adventures-Dive Nelson Bay is the longest established diving centre in the region and is proud to have the original and still the most active dive club in the area. 

At Port Stephen's only PADI 5 Star Instructional Development Centre & authorised TecRec dive facility, we are committed to ensuring that at Lets Go Adve...

The Humpback Whale East Coast Migration

The conservation of Humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, on the East Coast of Australia, is one of the few success stories  we have where we brought a species back from the brink of extinction, to now have a steadily growing population. 

Between 1949-1962 Australian Whalers targeted Humpbacks for oil and whale bone, killing approximately 8,...