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Cod Rock


Not far from Looking Glass Island is Cod Rock. It’s a series of gutters and boulders topped with Kelp. Occasionally Grey Nurse Shark dwell here though you are more likely to see a variety of Groper and schooling fish. Look out for those cheeky Giant Cuttlefish who like to inhabit the area especially in the caves and overhangs.

Port Stephens surrounding islands were originally part of a large volcanic crater. At the Cod hole the Lava tube (pictured) is proof. The definite draw card for this site is swimming through this space with schooling fish and soft sponges. On top of the hole you can watch your bubbles escape through tiny cracks

Cod Rock, Broughton Island 

This is a difficult site to navigate so it is recommended you follow the complimentary divemaster service provided on all our boat dives. Drop down the anchor line and navigate thought the boulders (see dive site map). There are many caves and crevices to explore so make sure you bring your torch. Swimming through the Lava Tube is a great diving expereince. It lies on the Eastern end of the recommended site in 16 meters of water, perfect for the adventurous Open Water Diver.  Head back to the bommies and you can spend your 3 minute Safety Stop searching for critters in the kelp beds.