Dive The Exhmas Adelaide With Jason!


Jason is running a trip to dive the exHMAS Adelaide at Terrigal on the weekend of April 4th & 5th.

You can join him for a double dive on either Saturday or Sunday or both days if you wish

  • Double Dive (with no gear included) $110 - Gnarki Gnomes $100
  • Double Dive with Tanks & Weights $140 - Gnarki Gnomes $126
  • Double Dive with Full Gear Hire $185 - Gnarki Gnomes $167
  • Add Enriched Air Fills $40 - Gnarki Gnomes $36

To avoid having to make an early start Accomodation at Killarney Vale, just 15 minutes from the boat ramp, is also available for just $35 per night.

Call us for information about participating in the Deep, Wreck or Enriched Air Diver Courses on this weekend as well.