Let’s Go Diving – Easter is just around the corner, and that means so is our Easter Club Day!

Book onto one of our boat trips to Broughton Island to swim with the beautiful Grey Nurse Sharks!
Another beautiful picture sent in by Graham Willis!


Visibility has dropped a bit over the past week, but it has still been about 3-5m so theres no reason not to get in the water, especially considering how warm it still is in the water!
Lots of divers headed out on the boat over the weekend for dives at Broughton Island and Cabbage Tree Island and we even had some shore divers and Discover Scubas hitting the shore sites on Saturday! There are plenty of critters out and about to suit every divers interests, so pop by the store, say hi, grab a map and get into the water – you won’t be disappointed!

Club day is one and a half weeks away and the prizes are still rolling in (Check out our Facebook page for a sneak peek of some of the prizes!) so please don’t forget to book onto our club day boat dive or easter egg hunt shore dive, or let us know if you will just be joining us for our lunchtime BBQ! We are very excited for this one! The Easter Egg Hunt is free so all you have to do is register!!

Don’t forget to keep updated with all our upcoming club days by checking out our website or Facebook for the scheduled events.

Calling all Deep Divers! We are running a double local Deep Dive on Saturday 31st March! Spots are limited and bookings essential, so call and book in ASAP!

Boat dives are running every Saturday and Sunday but have a look at our dive schedule as we will have boat trips running over the entire Easter long weekend as well as during the school holidays! Book your spot today! 

This Weeks High Tides

Wed 14th Mar. 7:15am, 1.59m
Thurs 15th Mar. 7:55am, 1.65m
Fri 16th Mar. 8:32am, 1.69m
Sat 17th Mar. 9:09am, 1.72m
Sun 18th Mar. 9:46am, 1.72m
Mon 19th Mar. 10:26am, 1.70m
Tues 20th Mar. 11:07am, 1.64m
Wed 21st Mar. 11:51am, 1.57m


Upcoming Night Dives & Dinners!

Early Bird dinner followed by a 7:28pm dive – Sat 14th Apr.
6:13pm dive followed by dinner – Sat 12th May. 
6:22pm dive followed by dinner – Sat 26th May. 



Our March Club Day will be on Saturday the 24th. This club day will start with a club-members single local explore dive, followed by a BBQ lunch where we will then reveal the location and rules of our underwater “Easter Egg” hunt!! This hunt will take place on the high tide at 2:45pm, then prizes can be redeemed back at the shop after the dive!

Please make sure to let us know if you will be joining us for any of our dives, or the BBQ lunch. And please register for the underwater “Easter Egg” hunt by booking online or letting the shop staff know! REMEMBER, THIS IS A FREE EVENT SO ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REGISTER YOUR NAME!


We have some awesome prizes up for grabs in our Easter Egg Hunt, generously donated to us by MARES – just add water, ScubaproPADITUSAEvolve Design and AUP!
Don’t forget to register for the hunt by calling or emailing us, or by booking online (Registrations essential)!

21 – 29 JULY 2018

Join the Let’s Go team as we journey to Fiji to visit two island resorts in the beautiful Yasawa island chain.
The clear, tropical waters surrounding Barefoot Kuata Island are a declared marine park, this means incredible coral growth and teeming marine life. Expect to find everything from the tiniest of critters to pelagic animals. The underwater landscapes vary from site to site with plunging walls, drop-offs and beautiful coral gardens.If you need any more convincing to join this trip, come in store and talk to Simon G (he did this trip last year so he can fill you in on all the details) or read his blog post about the trip here!




24th & 25th March – Advanced Open Water
30th & 31st March – Deep Diver
21st & 22nd April – Advanced Open Water
5th & 6th May – Rescue Diver
12th & 13th May – Night Diver
19th & 20th May – Advanced Open Water
16th & 17th June – Advanced Open Water
30th June & 1st July – Rescue Diver
28th & 29th July – Advanced Open Water
On Request – Enriched Air Diver 

If you are interested in any additional courses please contact the shop and we can arrange the relevant courses.




Simon Gagnon and Simon Macks are available during the week to run a FIRST AID AT WORK Course, so if your First Aid course is expired or going to expire and you need it for work, contact us so we can organise a date to get you up to date. Our certification is nationally recognised. For more details check our website.