Let’s Go Diving – Club Day is this Sunday! Will we see you there?

A beautiful image of a Cowfish taken by Simon Gagnon!


The beautiful Autumn weather is definitely treating us well, lots of warm sunny days and the perfect weather to get wet and go diving!
Lots of critters still out and about to see and the water has still been lovely, warm and clear! And even when the water isn’t at it’s clearest, it just means we get a chance to work harder on our macro diving and critter spotting skills!

We have double boat dives and single boat dives scheduled for Saturday and Sunday this weekend, as well as every day over the school holidays – just give us a call and we can book you in!
We also have lots of upcoming night dives scheduled, so make sure to keep an eye on the dates and book yourself on! These are lots of fun, and so different to diving during the day! But remember, you will need your own torch for this, so if you haven’t got one already, come visit us in-store and we can sort you out with one!

Wanting to improve your macro (aka limited visibility) diving? Why not sign up for one of our specialty courses such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Photography, Underwater Navigator or even Fish Identification!! Call the shop to find out what dates we can run these courses for you!

OUR NEXT CLUB DAY IS THIS SUNDAY THE 15TH APRIL! We will start the day off with a morning shore dive on the high tide at 7:38 (meeting at the shop at 6:30), followed by a Bacon and Egg BBQ Breakfast! There will also be a club members single local explore boat dive departing at 11am!
Book online or call us at the shop to book onto the days events, or just let us know if you will be joining us for breakfast! Spots on the boat are limited!
Not part of the club? Don’t miss out on all the fun and social events, sign up now!

School holidays are almost here, and we are excited to get back in the water for lots more diving and snorkelling! We have boat dives scheduled for EVERY DAY over the school holidays, and we can do shore dives and snorkels any day of the week!
All you have to do is book online, or give us a call and let us organise a time to get you in the water!



Mares Flexa 8.6.5 Wetsuit
RRP: $599

Coming into winter are you starting to fear diving because you get so cold? Fear no more!
The Mares Flexa 8.6.5 is a super warm, super stretchy and flexible wetsuit – guaranteed to keep you warm without restricting your movement!
This suit is made of a tilastic material with varied thickness strategically placed in different areas of the body to ensure you maintain maximum warmth and are still able to move with the ease of wearing a 5mm! The front zip is slightly angled across the torso, and features a smooth neoprene flap, increasing comfort and making it so easy to put on and take off this suit on your own! As well as this an additional layer of neoprene has been stitched into the back to increase your back and shoulder comfort and making wearing your full scuba kit that little bit more comfortable both in and out of the water!
An integrated buckle on the right leg allows you to attach your hood for when not in use, or you can even add the dedicated Mares Flexa Smart Pocket (sold separately) for extra storage of your dive accessories!


This Weeks High Tides

Fri 13th Apr. 6:17am, 1.61m
Sat 14th Apr. 6:58am, 1.65m
Sun 15th Apr 7:38am, 1.68m
Mon 16th Apr 8:19am, 1.68m
Tues 17th Apr. 9:03am, 1.65m
Wed 18th Apr. 9:50am, 1.60m
Thurs 19th Apr. 10:41am, 1.53m
Fri 20th Apr. 11:35am, 1.44m


Upcoming Night Dives & Dinners!

14th April, Saturday 7:28pm dive (dinner before dive)
12th May, Saturday. 6:13pm dive followed by dinner
26th May, Saturday. 6:22pm dive followed by dinner

Call now to book onto a dive, or let us know if you will be joining us for dinner!!




Call the store, or book online to let us know if you will be joining us for any of our scheduled dives!!
We will start the day off with a morning shore dive on the high tide at 7:38, meeting at the shop at 6:30! Followed by a Bacon and Egg BBQ Breakfast!
There will also be a club members single local explore boat dive departing at 11am!



21 – 29 JULY 2018
Join the Let’s Go team as we journey to Fiji to visit two island resorts in the beautiful Yasawa island chain.
The clear, tropical waters surrounding Barefoot Kuata Island are a declared marine park, this means incredible coral growth and teeming marine life. Expect to find everything from the tiniest of critters to pelagic animals. The underwater landscapes vary from site to site with plunging walls, drop-offs and beautiful coral gardens.If you need any more convincing to join this trip, come in store and talk to Simon G (he did this trip last year so he can fill you in on all the details) or read his blog post about the trip here!




21st & 22nd April – Advanced Open Water
5th & 6th May – Rescue Diver
12th & 13th May – Night Diver
19th & 20th May – Advanced Open Water
16th & 17th June – Advanced Open Water
30th June & 1st July – Rescue Diver
28th & 29th July – Advanced Open Water
On Request – Enriched Air Diver 
If you are interested in any additional courses please contact the shop and we can arrange the relevant courses.





Simon Gagnon and Simon Macks are available during the week to run a FIRST AID AT WORK Course, so if your First Aid course is expired or going to expire and you need it for work, contact us so we can organise a date to get you up to date. Our certification is nationally recognised. For more details check our website.